As is common practice in the translation industry, I only translate into my native language. After all, you’ll never be as comfortable with a second or third language as a native speaker or someone with a bilingual upbringing. Simply put, it’s much more difficult to express nuance in a foreign language than it is to do so in your native language. I translate from English and German into Dutch. My subject fields include the following:

Catalogs and brochures for office furniture manufacturers

Marketing materials for several well-known fashion labels

Websites, brochures, and other PR materials for hotels and travel agencies

Online retailers

  • Descriptions of several baby and children’s products
  • Descriptions of men’s, women’s, and children’s fashion
  • Newsletters and online banners

Popular science, nutrition, management


Dutch isn’t an easy language to master, and its ever-changing spelling and grammar rules only serve to complicate the matter. Although translation is my core business, I also offer editing services to help make your written Dutch text flawless. That means keeping a close eye on style and consistency, and correcting any grammar and spelling errors.